“Elevated. Enlightened. Euphoric.

I truly believe that each being has a purpose and a gift to share with the world and Solé is fulfilling hers. She’s highly intuitive, and as a healer I think that’s such an important instinct to possess because she’s able to truly help her patients bridge that gap between conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind and bodies … which is ultimately part of the healing process.

Solé affirmed some of my most deepest thoughts and feelings that I was unable to (eloquently) put into words or even attempt to describe, but it was second nature to her. It was incredible “aha!” moment.

To those who are seeking guidance, healing, or even just the most relaxing hour or so of your life (she provides the most relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for her sessions) look no further and book your session.” – S. K. : San Diego, CA

“What an absolutely incredible, beautiful, exceptional human being. And healer. Wow. Honestly I’m still blown away after my first session with Solé today. There aren’t even enough words to explain how wonderful this experience was for me. As a massage therapist and reiki practitioner myself, I was so glad to discover her on yelp…and to see that she is now next door to my practice 🙂 But I don’t believe in coincidences. I truly feel that we may just be kindred spirits, and it was meant to be that we met. And for that I’m so grateful!!

We started with a long talk and I really spilled on what’s been going on in my heart/soul/mind/life lately. I spoke of my struggles and my goals and what I would like clarity on and healing from. Earlier before the session I had felt a very strong panic/anxiety attack coming on, but as soon as I stepped into this beautiful studio I felt immediately at ease. Solé has an amazing energy and presence about her, and she makes you feel instantly comfortable; like you’re talking to an old friend. Her psychology background really is a wonderful combination with this energy medicine. She helped me see things in a different light and gave me lots of gems of advice.

The energy work session itself BLEW MY MIND. While each experience is highly individual and different for everyone…I had some intense visions during the session and broke through some energetic blocks…not only was it supremely and deeply relaxing, but it truly was life-changing for me. Loved the holding of the crystals, the guided mediation and the sound healing! And after the session she gave me my chakra-reading/spoke of her findings in the session.
I’ve had reiki and energy work before, but this was by far the BEST SESSION I’ve ever had. And to think that it was only the first with her! I’m excited to see where I can go on my healing journey along with her help. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you see Solé. If you’re new to energetic healing, curious, OR a connoisseur of it. She is completely worth the money; honestly…she’s priceless. Knowledgeable, professional, and such a kind soul. Come with an open mind and leave with an open heart.

I feel enlightened, uplifted, and inspired. I feel lighter and more ready to take on my current life challenges. Thank you endlessly, Solé! MUCH love to you.” – L.T. : LA, CA

“A great experience!

It was recently suggested to me that reiki would be a great benefit to my mental health. After speaking with Solé about it, I decided to give it a go!

I’d absolutely recommend this to anyone that’s hoping to gain clarity, relax more, or feel more in tune with themselves and the world. It left me feeling comfortable, able, and ready to take on the world. I also realized what I “should” feel like when I am perfectly at ease; this has allowed me to recognize when I don’t feel quite right in a situation and access my inner thoughts/emotions that aren’t quite at the surface yet. It’s been extremely helpful in what would otherwise be stressful conditions. I feel the growth within myself and I can definitely say that this experience has been a huge contributing factor.

10/10!” – S.S. : LA, CA

“Solé is a magical goddess of love and inspiration! I started seeing Solé almost 2 years ago and in those two years we have experienced exponential growth and healing together! Solé has not only helped me heal in ways I didn’t even know were possible but she has been a mentor, beacon of light and a true teacher. I have experienced magic with her! She is the real deal and she is full of the most healing love energy that this planet needs! Thank you Solé for all the work you’ve done with me to help me heal and rise! Thank you for always being there for me to help me heal and to grow as a spiritual being! You are magic! If you are looking for a person to truly heal you who is authentic, gentle and real… go to Solé! She will empower you, align you with your higher self and help you find the deepest peace!” – B.B. : LA, CA

“Solé is generous and kind and so phenomenal at what she does. I went to her after going through an accident that shook me up a bit and left me temporarily unable to do much except think.

I had been wanting to move through some mental and emotional blocks before, and this spurred me into action to find a healer or therapist that could not only let me speak about my feelings without judgement, but also address anything that was going on energetically.

I found Solé here on Yelp and went to her based on her process and the previous reviews. She was absolutely wonderful! She listened to me without judging, she helped me explore what I was feeling and why and she helped my energy feel like it was moving again.

I was blown away by her and her abilities and services. Thank you, Solé!” – Z.A : LA, CA

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