Side effects of Ascension

Side effects of ascension include solitude, glee, non-attachment, wondering if you might actually be an alien, and a general not giving a damn about most of the things that humans in our society care about. Money, stuff, all-things-materialism, indulgences, the “news”, makeup, Burger King, etc. The nonsense is one of the first layers that gets shed. It’s a good one, a necessary one, but as with all layers can be challenging and leaves you with a bit of a … hole. Mostly because, when you take away all of the superficial things, that with which you’re left is that which we have yet to pinpoint or have the language to discuss. The Space we have yet the context to define. Not that It needs to be defined, because It is utterly perfect and Divine just as It is, but when it’s just you in that Space, you sometimes end up feeling a bit alone. Longing for something that surpasses context and comprehension. You. Gravity. Air. Vibration. Energy. Everything else is a fable.

These clothes, these shoes, your family ties, fried chicken, the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and why we matter, it’s all for show. This little existence is simply a blink in the eye of the Infinite. A speck of sand on the unending beach of the Eternal. It is and it isn’t and it matters and it doesn’t and it never ends and can’t begin and is indistinguishable as far as the big picture. God, the Unnameable, the Universe, whatever you want to call It, creating Itself and working through Itself (You) to create more. Change. Evolution. Co-creation. Expansion. Ascension.

You, one of the many little ants on the anthill of life, get to enjoy the benefits of being insignificantly significant. Which is to say that while everything matters, nothing matters. And it’s never, ever, ever that serious. Once you come to that realization, truly, madly, deeply, congratulations, you are on the journey of ascension. Leave your seat belt at home (especially if it’s Gucci), kick back, and enjoy the ride; Your ride. It’s just you here. Well, you and 7 billion others.

With Love, Solé