Winds of Change

The division between those who live consciously and those who don’t is starting to magnify. The Trump vs. Sanders comparison is one small facet of life in which the divide is pretty accurately depicted.  An arena which is shining a light exposing the spectrum of consciousness.

You’ve got the Trump’ers, the cavemen of human consciousness. Perpetuating sameness, monetary dictatorship, and an unloving and unrighteous mentality; those who are making the conscious decision to remain in denial of the fact that our current structures are failing us, miserably. The sleepwalkers of the world.

And then you have the Bernie’s, those on the forefront of change and who are willing to rock the boat. Unapologetically done with the bullshit and are no longer tiptoeing around. On the leading edge of thought, advancing humanity towards a new and evolved world order. The light-workers of the world.

American politics are only one very small fragment of the larger picture, of course, but the clear distinction between the two front-runners of America The Great, I feel, says a lot about humanity as a whole.

And all that to say, and in my humble opinion, thank Goodness for the light-workers. Those of us who have deemed ourselves change-makers and are widening and expanding consciousness in the direction of love, empathy, and inclusiveness. The artists of human life, adding new colors and textures to an otherwise bland and starving landscape. Without us, the world would collapse in on itself. We are the Yin to the over-saturation of Yang. And it’s going to take every single one of us, each and every light-worker in each and every facet of human life, from the McDonald’s workers to the LGBTQ’s to the environmentalists to the entertainers to the mother’s and father’s and crazy uncles, co-creating for and with the larger theme of ‘how do we accommodate the greatest good and cultivate the highest potential for human evolution’. Bursting open new avenues of human existence in our attempt to save us from ourselves.

The light-workers. Those of us who are finally and fearlessly saying no to outdated ideals and lifestyles, because we have found our connection to the bigger Yes that is aflame inside. A Yes to aliveness and expansion. A Yes to connection. A Yes to saving our planet and its people. A Yes that we are all One and are eternally connected. The trees and the plants and the clouds and the rain and the people who are brown and the people who are yellow and whatever shade in between. Those of us founded upon the fundamental understanding that we are all on the same platform and that we must hold hands in our march towards the preservation of humanity and this beautiful planet we call home. We have no choice but to close the eyes that divide and open the Eye that sees us all as we actually are: family. One. Extensions and reflections of one another. Separately, together.

We are, for all intents and purposes, unstoppable. Just as sure as the rain is wet and the mountains will stand and the ocean will wave, we are rooted and ready to raise the average of the human vibration; to represent the winds of change.

Yuna – Remember my name.

With Love, Solé


Finding Femininity

Isn’t it time for people to wake up? Time to (re)find the magic and divinity that is inherently laced into every aspect of life? The synchronicity written on the walls of our realities that we look right past in our quest for bigger and better. There’s so much goodness of being lost in the madness of the mind.

Why and how have we allowed ourselves to get here? So brainwashed and unconscious that we accept a number of atrocities as everyday life. Valuing some lives more than others as if we are not all made of exactly the same. Some people sleeping in 15-bedroom houses while others sleep on the street. Some humans of a certain melanin tone being born into disadvantageous circumstances like something could actually be wrong with you because of your SKIN COLOR. How absolutely absurd. I hope we figure out this alien life thing for the simple fact that I think it’ll bring us together as a people. Aliens probably won’t give a single damn about the color of your coat. They probably won’t even be able to see race in the same way that we’ve constructed it.

Which is exactly what race is, a construct. A divisive tool for people to feel better than and separate from one another. Otherwise, what? Melanin has nothing to do with IQ, human potential, spiritual connection, or anything else. Anything that divides races is simply a matter of us having chosen for it to be that way, and the resulting snowball effect. If we had chosen eye color rather than skin color to divide and conquer, it could just as easily be the blue-eyed folk rioting right now. But no, we chose skin color because we want to be able to create our judgements before you can get too close. Because that’s what matters in human connection, obviously.

What on earth people!? Wake up! It’s really not that hard or scary. All you have to do is change your mind and get on board. Literally, change your mind. Re-route your thinking around the things that should be of no relevance, like the color of another person’s skin, and open your eyes to the fact that we’re ALL human. A human is a human is a human. We’re all flesh and bone and kinda gross and sometimes awkward and we do weird shit and have very little understanding of how very small our bubbles are. Billions of bubbles of consciousness, founded on our life experiences and learned behaviors, bumbling around and trying to make ourselves feel important.

Everything you think you know is a result of your own conditioning and unique experience. But the truth is, humans hardly know anything about anything. For example, we like to think that we have this life script with particular lessons written out for us, like this is some sort of human preschool. But as far as I can see, we’re attracting everything that comes our way. Every. Thing. Sure, there’s a larger conglomeration of consciousness that guides and encourages us in the direction of the greatest good, the highest vibration, but at the end of the day, you are your Maker and Creator and the filter of your perspective. No life agenda. No pre-planning. No, it wasn’t written, not even in the stars. Just one big ass free-for-all of free will, and the thoughts and ideas that attract the most minds and which create the highest vibrations, prevail.

And that, my friends, is why love always wins, every single time. Because the thread that strings us all together is a moral compass for which love is North, and we always return to facing North, to love. Always. That’s how vibrating beings work. Your energetic being is forever trying to vibrate higher and the result of you allowing that to be the case is love, the feel-good. The higher you vibe, the better you feel, and the more you are inclined towards goodness and simplicity.

We Know (capital for a Knowing beyond the limitations of the mind) right from wrong, as much as we like to act like we need someone else to tell us, we Know. We even hold our own check and balance sheet, pass our own self-judgements and Know when we’ve veered off course. Even if one’s mind can rationalize a wrong doing, somewhere, deep down, we Know otherwise. Per our inherent compass, we hold ourselves accountable for the life we lead. Sure, give your worries to “God” and free will is paramount and right and wrong are subjective, but really, wrong is wrong is wrong. You know it and I know it and if people came out their denial-hiding, they’d agree on what’s right and wrong 9 times out of 10.

Denial is too real and entirely too strong and out of it we have borne an entirely too large part of our human existence. Religion. Environmental issues. Education systems. Marriage. Western Medicine. Popular culture. So many infrastructures catering to and stroking the ego of our denial. As if there might actually be a question about whether men and women are equal, or people of differing skin colors. Or if climate change is not a very real situation. Or if you ought to be allowed to spend your life with someone of the same sex or with whoever you want, for that matter. Or whether teaching from biased, antiquated texts ought to be more important that those being taught having social skills, healthy coping mechanisms, or be able to keep up with said outdated texts if not sedated on medication.

Are we serious? Medication for children? Attention-deficit? Whaaaaa? So ridiculous. So absolutely ridiculous. The parameters we put on ourselves and others so that we can stay stuffed in our box of “normalcy”. News flash, normal is a fable! The normal warning label reads, “Warning, normal is a box that, when stuffed into, leads to suffocation and deterioration of one’s Soul.” Out here with a pillow over the face of evolution just so that we can remain comfortable.

Damn it humans! Just damn it. Learn how to change. Evolve. Adapt. The zombie apocalypse is upon us and it is us! We are the zombies, the robots, trying to hold on to infrastructures built upon a bunch of dead horses. The reroute starts within, with us. Less intellect, more intuition. Less rigidity, more creativity. Less abrasiveness, more femininity. That’s what we need. You can pretty much rationalize anything, but there’s no denying a feeling, the cry of one’s intuition. That which is forever trying to return you to facing North. Keep your intellectual bullshit and show me the love. Show me the Soul. Show me where the heart lives. That’s how we should be constructing life as we know it, via the very pitter-patter of each of our hearts, the strings that pull us this way and that way towards all of our highest good.

From my perspective, it is exactly the feminine intuition and viewpoint that could pretty easily redirect this ship. It’s femininity that this world is starving for, and that which we’ve squandered along the way. If only we’d give it a little more credit. Empathy, compassion, delicacy, intimacy, intuition, and grace. Femininity was suffocated somewhere between the fall of the Roman Empire and the discovery of twerking, and the results have been, well, dismal.

Am I the only one that hears her cry?

With Love, Solé