It’s bigger than you

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, about discerning between wants and needs, and getting down to the core of any strong desires. He said, for example, that he woke up the other day and had a strong desire to go to Best Buy and buy a new computer, despite him not needing one. He then went on to say that he attempted to get to the root of that (expensive) desire, and came to the conclusion that perhaps a new computer mouse would suffice his apparent need for retail therapy. Ultimately, though, that he quieted the need altogether and didn’t end up going at all.

This conversation got me to thinking. What if his desire to go was founded on the fact that he was simply supposed to go to Best Buy on that very day, for any reason unbeknownst to him? I mean, think about it. How often do you go here or there and end up coming away with something much more significant than that which you opted to go for in the first place? And by significant I mean maybe an experience, a new friend, a life-changing conversation, etc. Perhaps you go to Best Buy because your mind has overindulged itself into thinking you need a new computer, when in reality it is the very conversation you have with the Computer whiz that quenches your need to have been there in the first place; that the source of your wanting to go was the Universe using you as a key player for the day. Maybe the computer whiz needed your conversation, too. Or maybe you’re in the parking lot at the exact time that someone’s cart has run away from them and, had you not been there in that very moment, would have crashed and burned into something more serious.

On a larger scale, perhaps you don’t get anything out of the trip, but leave feeling satisfied, nonetheless, and perhaps what you don’t see is the benefit to those around you in your having been there. I, for example, look for out-of-state license plates and when I see one, look the number up in my Angel Numbers book to see what delightful message the Universe has for me in that moment. So maybe, there is a she-who-looks-up-license-plates who pulls into the parking lot behind you, and it is your very license plate numbers that bring her a much needed message for the day. You’d never know, of course, but you have just changed the trajectory of her day.

The idea behind this being that one’s own wants and desires are founded upon a much larger order than we have yet to realize. Did Ryan need a new computer on that day? Not at all. But for one reason or another, the little voice inside of him was saying, “Go to Best Buy today.” And then, as it loves to do, the mind kicks in with its tendency towards over-indulgence and says, “Yea, buy a new computer!” When in all reality, perhaps you don’t even need to go inside at all to satisfy the little need to be in the parking lot that day. And perhaps you will never know what that little voice was all about, as you walk out of Best Buy empty-handed, or leave the parking lot without going in at all, feeling like you’ve just done something meaningful with your day.

All that to say, this life is bigger than just you. Even your very own wants and desires are often fueled by the force that is trying to facilitate cohesiveness in the world around you. The gravity otherwise known as consciousness or “God”. The gentle tugs left and right that might actually have nothing to do with you except that the Universe needs you to use you for a higher good.

The other day, I was feeling a bit … sorry for myself, on my way home from a talk I had attended. While driving home, I opened my heart to the Universe for answers. “What is all of this about and why am I here and is this ever going to make any kind of sense?” I wondered. Tears streaming down my face. Then, in front of me pulls a Louisiana license plate. Not only was it out-of-state, but I have a particular draw to Louisiana as my Maternal family resides there. The license plate was number 57. Angel Book 57 I go, “The changes you are experiencing are for the best. Trust these changes to lead you where you want to go. Fear not.” A sigh of relief.

Now, whatever series of events that occurred leading up to that very car having been in front of me in that very moment, that which brought a Louisiana license plate to Seattle to be in that particular place on that very evening, I will never know. Nor will the driver of said car ever have any idea how much satisfaction she provided me in just having been where she was in that very moment, but her having been there eased my troubled Soul.

How absolutely extraordinary, how intricately and divinely interconnected we all are. How we are forever being used as an instrument of a force much larger, that is forever trying to uplift us and bring us together, braiding and weaving us into one others’ stories, in a scheme much grander than the mind can possibly comprehend.

Follow Its lead. Listen when your heart speaks. Believe in Its guidance, timing, and direction. Stop trying to understand It and simply allow It to be more splendid and immaculate than the mind could possibly wrap itself around. It’s better that way. Besides, if there’s one thing I’ve learned along this path, it’s that the truth, the fundamental basis of all things, is not to be understood, it’s to be felt. Feel It.

With Love, Solé