We all know, without a doubt, vibes. That there is a tangible feel that we’re all constantly giving and receiving, all of the time. A push and pull that melts us all together and moves us cohesively. Gravity, consciousness, Spirit, the flow, aliveness, intuition – what you call it doesn’t matter so much as how it feels.
What this chapter of my life is teaching me, is how to surrender to it. How to immerse myself in such a way that there is no separation aside from my beating heart. I’m learning to honor my needs so that my cup is always full and ready to pour. How to give and receive love freely, so that every single encounter feels divinely aligned. And most importantly, as Buddha once said, that “the great way is not complicated to s/he who holds no opinion for or against.” In other words, I don’t care if I’m comin or goin, so long as the ripples I leave are of the greatest good, the highest vibration.
Yes, I move at the speed of time and yes, I dance to my own rhythm and of course I smile often and without reason. That’s how Spirit moves through me. That’s how I vibe.

With Love, Solé

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