Alignment traced with guiding light

I should Post more about being a lightworker in LA because it’s quite.. fun? Mostly. Except when it’s not. Which is also usually at least hilarious.

As I sit here in this coffee-shop, I realize deeply – I’m free. Free from the matrix. Sippin’ on an almond milk latte, listening to Al Green stream through the shop speakers, eyes on soul-level 100, vibin. Present.

And presently, I feel overwhelmingly blessed. Makes me want to cry. I sit up straighter in my chair as I write that, body eases.

This is exactly where I need to be. Doing exactly what I need to be doing. Living life exactly in the way I ought to be living it. And that is equal parts beautiful and hilarious, because I have no actual clue what I’m doing.

A healer? Who?

All I know is what’s real for me. The picture my life paints. I practice yoga every day. I meditate daily and lengthily (is that a word?). I eat a plant-based diet. I sleep well, and drink water and meet my own needs. And I heal, myself and others. In whatever form, fashion, or way that presents itself. That part, luckily, is not up to me.

So yea, I just handed you my resume.

But with that said, how do I know that I’m where I need to be? I’m in-tune. And as I write that I hear someone at a nearby table say, “cause that’s the point of what we do, right?” Yea. That’s the point. To tune into and be confirmed by the synchronicities which lead you to your answers. Phrases of the surrounding conversations that happen to stand out that confirm whatever it is you’re  thinking (or writing) in that moment. The song that’s playing that means something about something. The text or call that comes perfectly on time. The billboard or sign that catches your eye. All of that. That’s how you know. That’s how you find your way.

Alignment traced with guiding light.

With Love, Solé

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