The Universe in an Earthlander

You ever come to a place where your external circumstances do absolutely zero justice to the Never-Never Land that is inside? Yea, me too. Right now, in fact. The ultimate dissonance, between trying to be both human and something ineffably larger.

It’s hard to fit a Universe into this little old earthlander. Nothing does Her justice, frankly. In fact, to the “they” that seem to always have something to say, riddle me this. How do you do so? How do you fit a Universe into an earthlander? The same way you depict the ocean in a drop, I suppose. By capturing the essence of Its nature in a form unique to the vessel. And on that note, how we lookin’ folks? Are you representing The Universe well? Cause something tells me that we can do even better. I’m callin’ everyone out, myself included.

We are literally, figuratively, physically, mentally, emotionally, well – you get the point, we’re in our own way, all ways. Standing in the way of The All, The Universe, God, if you will. How ironic, we’ve been searching for Her for so long now, that all we have to do to find Her is to get out of Her way. Let Her live through you. Choose the highest choice and surrender to the utmost vibration, with every breath. We know what She feels like, love has taught us that. But we have yet to really let Her play with and through us. We’re thus far too stuck in our minds to be led by Her gravity.

She’s a pull. One of the “heart strings” if you will, but communicated by the whisper inside of you that is forever playing Red Light, Green Light. One’s inner guidance system, also known as intuition. That which rises above ideas like failure and regret because there is no wrong way so long as you are walking the path of the heart, so long as you keep believing and listening and abiding by your inner truth. The way is created in every passing moment and adorned every time you choose love.

“Your Soul is the whole world,” says Herman Hesse. Precisely. Well, the whole Universe, to be exact. You’re a funnel of goodness. A perfectly unique exhibition of God. Unprecedented, unlike any other, you’re on this earth to be you, The Universe as your ghostwriter. The more you lean into Her gravity, the more colorful your existence. The Universe favors those who believe in Her. Like the flowers, for example. They’re obviously doing very well for themselves. Inherently perfect, no two the same, flawless. Born of Goodness and Love. As are we, but what we also have is a thinking cap, and it’s that very cap that has kept us from seeing the whole picture, the entirety of our impeccability.

I think, therefore I get in my own way.

With Love, Solé

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