Live Through Me

I spent the last 3 weeks of my mom’s life, in the hospital, witnessing her slow descent into the unknown. Inching towards solving the great mystery. And on one hand, for me as her daughter, it was absolutely heart-wrenching, and on another it was with utmost grace and dignity as I witnessed her carried out on a wave of love.

My mom was such a gift to so many people, myself maybe the most. Lucky me. I always used to tell her that she was my Spirit Guide, and as I watched the letters pour in from those that she impacted on a deep, unequivocal level, I realized just how much of a Spirit Guide she was to us all. The Supreme.

It’s funny because someone once told me, in reference to myself, that some of us are placed on this earthplane with a specific mission which is to be carried out above all else. A duty, I guess. And that following that duty, that calling, will supersede any need to fit in, because it’s that very reason for being that sets you apart. My mom found her reason for being and as a result, changed the world around her. I don’t know how many times I read and heard from those letters of love, that she made people better and as a result, their family and friends, which to me is of the highest regard. To have dedicated your life to bettering the world around you is to have succeeded. My mom did just that. She succeeded at life. She celebrated and smiled and laughed as often as possible, and she grew me and my sister on a steady diet of love.

She was, is, My best friend. Our connection exceeds all context and rationale except to say that she was the ink to my definition of love. And now, in this form, has already and will continue to help me rewrite it.

“Death is a funny thing,” says my Aunt Trish. “It pretends to be the end but it is actually just the beginning of a new understanding of what love is.”

And for me, now, the love I have for her is even realer, even more alive than it ever was. Because now I carry on for us both. Now she is my wings, speaks to me through synchronicities, and guides me with alignment.

Thank you Mom. For 28 years of unending love and unconditional support, of conversations about the universe and countless star gazes, of good times, belly laughs, and dance parties. You gave me life 28 years ago and every day thereafter, and now my devotion to widening your impact will be the wind behind my sails for however many years remain. You live through me now. I love you.

Thank you.

With Love, Solé

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