I live in the realm of intuition. That’s what I learned from reading Osho’s book today, “Intuition.” I live there. As he described it, there are three realms of human-ness, and then this much larger all-encompassing realm which is simply, Being. The Observer of that 3-D Human experience. It’s kind of like we’re all both the puppet and the Puppet Master, simultaneously. Or come equipped to be, anyways.

The Puppet Master is the Higher Being, the Observer. In a sense, a neutral Witness to what’s happening below. And the puppet is made up of 3 planes of existence. The first being instinct, which is essentially just the basic functioning of the body. The way that the breath breathes for you and the heart beats for you and the digestive system does so for you. The things you don’t have to think about; beyond thought. Similarly, beyond thought, is another of the 3-dimensions, intuition. The layer of the Soul. The means of communication with the Puppet Master. The Knowing that exceeds the capacity of the mind. And the final dimension is intellect, which he illustrates as a stepping stone between the two aforementioned. The mind-made fluff. One needn’t stay there, in intellect, he suggests, because it’s just a bunch of hot air.

The basic human, which I’d say makes up about, oh, 75% of the population (which might be generous), lives mostly in intellect and instinct. And not to say that there’s anything wrong with those two dimensions, because as Osho emphasized, instinct is just as important as intuition. They’re all equally important, in fact. So the only glaring issue is the lack of intuition. And, of course, the over-emphasis of intellect which is painfully obvious in our society.

I, on the other hand, am heavy intuition. Heavy. Whereas a lot of people are just instinct and intellect, some people are all three with still a lack of intuition, and very, very few are more deeply perusing the depths of the intuitive realm, I’ve planted my flag there. It’s essentially like trying to be both the puppet and the Puppet Master, simultaneously. Which is  difficult in and of itself, and even more so in a world of puppets. But, someone’s gotta do it. Because as Osho also emphasized, living primarily in intellect is a very dangerous thing. Intellect is “just groping in the dark.” It’s problems to find solutions to find more problems and so does our world go round. A tug-of-war of nothingness. The full-blown Yang. And what the Yang needs to survive, is its Yin. The Yin, being essentially, per Osho, its heart. It’s women.

Not until the heart and inner wisdom are reintroduced as primary functions in society will we reverse course. Which will come from the gentle strength of the feminine, I believe. Us ladies are gonna have to start puttin’ the pressure on. We have to. We can continue to take this lightly, twhirl-dancing through the shit storm, but why not switch it up? You know what we’d be gifting future generations? We’d be gifting future generations higher dimensions of living, brighter versions of reality. That’s real shit. It’s not make believe or Hocus Pocus or woo-woo (names made up by the intellect to dumb-down the intuition). No. This is us taking accountability for ourselves and all the while living by way of the larger Spirit. This is us evolving as a species. Ascending In and up and out.

Because on some level, all of our Puppet Masters are the same. Or they’re certainly connected, anyways. The Spiritplane. A dimension without ego and probably very little (if any) intellect. An arena of pure Soul and vibration (or at least those are the best words we have to describe It down here on the ant farm).

Oneness. That’s what Intuition perpetuates. Oneness. And fundamentally, we’re all just little cosmic centers of Oneness. Perfectly, differently, so. Perhaps it’s time we give our higher selves a turn to play.

With Love, Solé

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