You get what you need when you need it. Point blank period. Your journey provides, always. I would drop the mic there because it’s really that simple, but I suppose I’ll explain.

We’re so busy thinking we need something, or better yet searching for shiny things to think we need, all the while totally glossing over what we actually need. Obviously,  because chocolate milk always sounds way more delicious than water. But the truth is, your needs are always met by a higher co-creating force, and the more you trust and allow that, the less you have to try and decide what you need, and the more you get to enjoy the receiving. Because once it comes, *ping* you’re good. And it always comes. Maybe not on your hurried mind’s time, but right on time, nonetheless. That goes for everything.

Stop pushing the Universe! Chill with that shit. We spend so much time worrying and wondering and trying to will things into existence. Let it come. Chill the fuck out. Believe. Believe in the now. Believe in yourself. Believe in the highest good that is forever conspiring beyond your knowing.

It’s there. There is a force advocating for you and through you and with you and by you. It’s you and beyond. You don’t have to name It, It simply is. Communicatung via the universal language of love. Love. Kindness. Cooperation. The guiding principles of humanity, our common core. The authentic, seamless feel-goods. That’s all It knows.

All you have to do to tune into It is to take hold of your mind. The mind that’s run away with us and is running amok. We need to reel that back in. There’s nothing that requires your attention more so than the present moment.

Once you find your way out of your mind, you are free.

With Love, Solé

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