Start with gratitude. Gratitude breeds and manifests more things to be grateful for, so always start with gratitude.

On that note, I’m grateful that I don’t know what day of the week it is (just looked at my phone and it’s Tuesday, apparently). I’m grateful to be sitting outside on a lovely spring day, on the back deck, facing nothing but tall, strong, peaceful trees that seem to be whispering, “You’re safe here. Everything is perfect.” I’m thankful for these pages where I can pour out my heart and Soul and not inhibit or hide my inner workings; a no-judgment zone. I’m thankful for peace and solitude and meditation and hopes and dreams and love. I’m thankful for a lifestyle that affords me the opportunity to stay true to my mission as a lightworker and one in which I am free to be light and love and whatever else blossoms out. I’m thankful to be less attached to my costume and more tuned in to the Infinite frequency that is the all.

What I’ve found to be true is that once you’ve seen the light, all an earthlander can ever be, really, is a costume. The light teaches you and expands you and shows you that nothing actually matters. Re-minds you that it’s all for show. Disconnects you from the constant stream of madness and brings you back to the one place you can ever actually be, here. Now. In joy, in love.

That brings up a question. Why isn’t love one of the five senses? Did we just overlook that one? As if love is less important than the smell of fried chicken or the taste of cupcakes (not to knock cupcakes, because I get it, they’re delicious. but still). Go figure. All things external. We know ourselves in terms of the world out there and how we fit into it and are defined by it, but haven’t yet the slightest idea of the power and potential of the world inside. Most people don’t even know what I’m talking about when I say that aside from having felt the depth and divinity that is love, and that one time they thought they felt some sort of intuition but it could have also just been gas. And on that note, thank Goodness for Love. Love bridges the human and the being.

Ok Nika, back to gratitude. I’m grateful to have an avenue by which I can dip into my well of Truth, whenever I please. I’m grateful to have seen my own light and to be constantly reminded of in as reflected in the world around me. I’m grateful to be wide awake, third-eye open, cape on, fist out, ready for action. I’m grateful to be me.

With Love, Solé

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