When you Know, you no

We always Know (capital for Knowing beyond the mind) more than we know. Or maybe better stated, we always Know more than we pretend to not know. Because we Know man, we Know. We just love to get in our own way; to perpetuate the melodramas of our lives.  Attracting the same life lessons based on the wounded areas of our auras/magnetic fields. Where there’s a gap, there’s an area of oneself to be strengthened, and where there’s an area for strengthening, there’s a lesson to be learned. You’re attracting and creating it for the evolution of your Soul, the elevation of your vibration. If you overcome the lesson, the hole is repaired and you’re bumped up a notch on the vibrational scale. A tick mark in your evolutionary favor. The higher on the scale you get, the better you feel, for both you and everyone with whom you come in contact.

The fact of the matter is that the lessons, more often than not, are blatantly obvious. The solution is putty in your hands. But what do we love to do? Everything but the most obvious, best option! Despite the fact that we pretty much always Know what that is! You don’t have to pay someone to tell you what you already Know. All you have to do is take a step back and overstand the situation. Come from a neutral, feeling-unattached position, and voila, the solution, sittin’ there sippin’ tea.

For example, we all Know when someone is not good for us. We as women, anyways, for sure. Men too, maybe. Probably. But we, as women, Know. If he belittles you and lies to you and patronizes you and doesn’t uphold you to your own standard, he’s not good for you. We Know the difference between who is right and who is wrong, and yet we still love to succumb to the abusers. Yes, they’re good at what they do, but so are we. We’re better, in fact. Better at Knowing, better at seeing the red flags which are ever-present, and better at listening to the little voice inside that says run, baby, run.

Don’t invite the madness to your space, be better that than. Knowing your worth is about taking the necessary precautions in terms of who is graced with your presence and upholding yourself to your own Knowing. Not everyone ought to get the pleasure of enjoying you. Love yourself enough to say no when you know it ought to be said.

It’s a journey, learning to say no. You have to teach yourself to say no, to allow the Yes inside of you to burn brighter. No, I will not suppress my joy to accommodate your pain. No, I will not minimize my strength to make way for your fear of it. No, I will not allow for your maltreatment to cater to your insecurities. No, I will not dampen my light to enable your darkness. No.

Learn to uphold yourself to your highest standard with your head held high. You teach people your worth, and a no is often the strongest form of that lesson. Allow yourself the luxury of using it.

With Love, Solé

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