“We’re teaching women to internalize men mistreating them as a flaw of their own character, rather than the flaw in his.”

Phew. If that’s not as painfully real as possible. So much of a woman’s inadequate sense of self-worth stems from her having sought validation in a man-made world, and not finding it. The fundamental fault there lies in the fact that she’s seeking validation anywhere but inward, of course, but then to be invalidated, mistreated, and made feel inferior, and it’s absolutely detrimental to that one’s self worth. Welcome to the women of the 21st century.

The fact of the matter is that women haven’t even begun to be applied towards their highest good or potential. We’re the ADD kids of the world, conditioned to alter who we are and what we look like to appease the world around us. Our inherent, immaculate capacities: intuition, healing, nurturing, being kind and gentle (to name a few), all frowned upon and mocked. Made seem crazy or weak. Our role in this world is abysmal as compared to what it ought to be, which, to me, is clearly reflected in the world around us.

This world needs its women back, desperately. The idea behind women empowerment is not at all to diminish the importance of the man, but rather to encourage the idea that women have an equal and opposite and just-as-necessary importance. Different, of course, but not in any way less than or weaker. On quite the contrary, in fact, you have to be strong as hell to feel deeply in a world that’s trashed its feelings. I am forever cleansing and clearing and shedding the feelings of others that glob on to me as a healer, a feeler. Carrying the burdens of the world on my shoulders. Now tell me that’s not strength. To feel is strength. To emote (appropriately and within reason) is strength. To love and bare your Soul and to heal and care deeply, that’s fuckin’ strength.

Women are the Source and backbone of this land. The heartbeat of humanity. Let’s give that a little more credit, maybe?

With Love, Solé


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