Here to Help

It’s different here, in my zone of context. I forget that sometimes. Forget that my moral foundation is mostly different than the Average Joe’s. That my motto, “I’m here for you, for me,” isn’t widely understood. The idea being that I’m going to do right by you because it’s good for you, and good for me. That your fond memories of me will boost my energy field and vibration, all the while your own as you enjoy them. Not to mention the fact that every time I smile at you, hug you, share love with you, I am smiled at, hugged, and shared love with in return. A win-win-Win (the latter W being for the Universe at large). Love shared brightens the light of the world, the Light of the All. Gravity infused with goodness.

I’m not here to fool you or use you or try to alter you in any way. I’m here to receive the lessons you’ve brought me, to accept what you have to teach me. Because we all have something to teach one another, a facet of life unique to one’s own life experience. Depth of wisdom has nothing to do with the external representation of the carrier. The CEO is in no way more enlightened than the homeless man. In fact, often on quite the contrary. Those with a breadth of life experience often have the most to share in terms of lessons learned.

But me? I’m here to help. That’s all I know for sure. This world needs fuckin’ help, and I’m here to do just that. I don’t care what that looks like in terms of a career path or monetary accumulation or external, artificial gain. What I care about is how my efforts manifest themselves around me in the form of happier people, a brighter world. What I care about is that I can always look back and see my trail of glitter.

My logic isn’t founded upon science or “rational” conclusions or “facts”. No, those things are too transparent for me. My logic is founded on the voice of my Soul, the reason of my being. My logic is founded on kindness and empathy and hope. Hope that my having taken the back door into existing will guide other people through their own back door, a life lived from the inside out, founded upon love. Something that takes courage and resilience in a world that’s lost its magic.

Which is really a shame, because the world I know is filled with magic. And not because I am a magician or a Disney character, nor is my life falsely pretense’d upon a movie script. None of the above. It’s because I’ve clawed and dug and braved my way into the Centerpiece of my Being, the central layer of the energy field. A place where connectedness makes decisions and empathy calls the shots. A place where time is measured in lifetimes and success is defined by the quantity of daily heartfelt moments and time spent in deep connection with others. The Winter Wonderland of human life.

It exists, you know. Heaven on earth, sustainable happiness, peace of mind and Soul. And that’s not to say that it isn’t paired with its fair share of struggles, because there is no such thing as human life without suffering. But it is to say that a life lived in love eases the burdens and softens the sting of the lessons. In the depths of interconnectedness you are reminded that life is but a speck of sand on the unending beach of human potentiality, and that it’s never, ever, ever that serious.  That all is well, always, all ways, even when it’s not.

And for the record, I have a really, really good time here.

With Love, Solé



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