Forever Together

It’s amazing how intimately connected we all are. Literally, interconnected by way of our etheric bodies. Like lights of two lamps, there is no true distinction between where one ends and another begins. We all just kind of run together. The “me” that you know is an earthlander guided by a Light/energy system that is deeply enmeshed into the world around you, guiding and directing your human ship. Most of which happens without you even realizing it, of course, while you frolic in the false perceptions of the mind, creating a story-line of the present moment (or past or future) which is a generally dull interpretation for that which actually exists.

The idea being that we’re forever in conversation with one another, energetically speaking. And neither here nor there, but everywhere, always. If our vibrations met, you will at some point or another feel my spin. The higher I vibrate, the more you’re feelin’ me. “Spooky action at a distance,” as Einstein called it, also known as Quantum Entanglement.

If one’s vibe is high enough, you can’t help but uplift those who you’ve encountered because their little *insert your name*-pocket of atoms, however small, starts rockin’ and rollin’ too. So on a literal level, just by coming to know your own vibe and how to keep it elevated is you, well, changing the world. “Raising the average,” as Austin once said to me. Ameliorating your environment.

How easy is that?! You don’t have to travel to a foreign country, have multiple college degrees, make a ton of money, or even be a famous rapper. All you have to do is vibe. Find your hum and let it sing for itself, all the while fine-tuning and nurturing it. With a high vibe, a bright light, and a cool-ass flow, you can’t go wrong. In fact, with all of those components, you’ve already won.

With Love, Solé

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