The Feels

We’ve conditioned ourselves to avoid the depths, the feels of life. The uncharted territories of being. So many people hardly even know how to feel, are afraid of the consequences of feeling too deeply, and are concerned about those who do. There must be something wrong when you’re deep into your feelings, as if sadness or nostalgia or depth of emotion were created simply to be avoided. We’ve coincided being emotional with being crazy or depressed, out of control. What’s that you’re feeling? There’s a diagnosis for that.

When you start to allow yourself to really feel, though, everything changes. Ev-er-y-thing. That’s a lot of change. Most people avoid that kind of change at all costs. No way José, I’m perfectly fine up here on the surface. Are you though? Or do you just fear what you don’t know? Something realer, deeper, unknown. Above and below the mind. That’s what gets them every time, having to surrender the mind. The mind has bulldozed the feels and taught itself to avoid them entirely. Out of the mind though, man, that’s the PB&J of life. When shit gets real, quickly. That sweet, sweet solitude; beyond comprehension. There is life beyond comprehension, you know, beyond the limitations of the mind. A lot of it, in fact. Entire dimensions of truth and connectivity that can only be accessed by the being, can only be felt.

If you ask me, at some point or another, we’re going to have to reconvene at the understanding that it’s perfectly human, perfectly “normal” to feel, happiness and sadness alike. And furthermore, to demonstrate those emotions, thoughtfully and within reason. If you’re feeling delight, skip! Squeal. I squeal all the time and I think it’s great. And on the contrary, if you’re having an Eeyore day, cry it out! There’s nothing that does the job quite like a good old-fashioned meltdown, FPS-style (Fetal Position Sob). Emotionally, physically, energetically, mentally, spiritually, a cry cleans all the slates. Contrary to what society will have you know, crying is good for you. It’s healthy and on some level, necessary for a person’s overall well-being.

But nope, if you ask us here strong humans, we’ll have none of that cryin’ stuff. If you’re over the age of 11 and still crying, you’re a pansy, especially if you’re a male. Men don’t cry, ya hear? As if expressing emotions and feelings is somehow a weakness. But how? Why? If we all have the inherent capacity to feel, to express emotion, and if it is that very ability that allows you not only to connect deeply with others and the world around you, but to pour that emotionality out onto the canvas of creative expression, to create art, how could that possibly be demonstrating weakness? On quite the contrary, I say, only the strong emote. Only the strong allow themselves to feel and allow space for those feelings to fluctuate. Only the strong permit themselves to “fall apart” by way of a good, old-fashioned sob, and then pick themselves up and go on about their day. Only the strong feel deeply their own pain and the pain of others, true empath-style, and only the strong find themselves brighter and more resilient on the other side of that pain. There is immeasurable strength in being gentle and delicate, empathetic; the finger-painters of the world.

To numb yourself to the feels is a cop-out, an escape, a way of glossing over having to experience life and live too deeply. I mean, God forbid you have to actually feel what you’re feeling and sit with it and learn from it and let it guide and direct you, because feelings are for pussies and whimps. I mean sure, we all have them, but only the strong really know how to ignore them. How to run and hide from them. How to stuff them. How to find the perfect balance between numbing oneself from them and silencing them with unhealthy coping mechanisms. Yeah. Only the strong drink and smoke and self-medicate their feelings away. Pills and poison for the win, right? Hell to the no.

And I’ve gotta say, I can’t help but side-eye this man-made world for teaching us that that’s how it ought to be, too. That women are “crazy” and overly-emotional for feeling and expressing those feelings and carrying the burdens of the world on their shoulders. Heaven forbid you feel one thing today and another tomorrow, or even worse, one thing this morning and another this afternoon, then you’re certified crazy (not to worry, there’s a prescription for that). Or maybe, just maybe, you’re certified in-tune. In touch. Deeply rooted in the world around you so much so that the world’s pain of this morning and joy of this afternoon are both your pain and your joy. That the world’s feelings are your feelings. Which also just happens to be one of the only ways the Universe has of communicating with and through you, in case you missed that memo. Energy in motion, E-motion.

Feelings are the language of the Soul, the language of the All. Open yourself to new ways of being and feeling and experiencing life, and you’ll be amazed at the way that life begins to unfold more organically in your favor. It gets better the deeper you go.

Don’t be scur’d.

With Love, Solé

Finding Femininity

Isn’t it time for people to wake up? Time to (re)find the magic and divinity that is inherently laced into every aspect of life? The synchronicity written on the walls of our realities that we look right past in our quest for bigger and better. There’s so much goodness of being lost in the madness of the mind.

Why and how have we allowed ourselves to get here? So brainwashed and unconscious that we accept a number of atrocities as everyday life. Valuing some lives more than others as if we are not all made of exactly the same. Some people sleeping in 15-bedroom houses while others sleep on the street. Some humans of a certain melanin tone being born into disadvantageous circumstances like something could actually be wrong with you because of your SKIN COLOR. How absolutely absurd. I hope we figure out this alien life thing for the simple fact that I think it’ll bring us together as a people. Aliens probably won’t give a single damn about the color of your coat. They probably won’t even be able to see race in the same way that we’ve constructed it.

Which is exactly what race is, a construct. A divisive tool for people to feel better than and separate from one another. Otherwise, what? Melanin has nothing to do with IQ, human potential, spiritual connection, or anything else. Anything that divides races is simply a matter of us having chosen for it to be that way, and the resulting snowball effect. If we had chosen eye color rather than skin color to divide and conquer, it could just as easily be the blue-eyed folk rioting right now. But no, we chose skin color because we want to be able to create our judgements before you can get too close. Because that’s what matters in human connection, obviously.

What on earth people!? Wake up! It’s really not that hard or scary. All you have to do is change your mind and get on board. Literally, change your mind. Re-route your thinking around the things that should be of no relevance, like the color of another person’s skin, and open your eyes to the fact that we’re ALL human. A human is a human is a human. We’re all flesh and bone and kinda gross and sometimes awkward and we do weird shit and have very little understanding of how very small our bubbles are. Billions of bubbles of consciousness, founded on our life experiences and learned behaviors, bumbling around and trying to make ourselves feel important.

Everything you think you know is a result of your own conditioning and unique experience. But the truth is, humans hardly know anything about anything. For example, we like to think that we have this life script with particular lessons written out for us, like this is some sort of human preschool. But as far as I can see, we’re attracting everything that comes our way. Every. Thing. Sure, there’s a larger conglomeration of consciousness that guides and encourages us in the direction of the greatest good, the highest vibration, but at the end of the day, you are your Maker and Creator and the filter of your perspective. No life agenda. No pre-planning. No, it wasn’t written, not even in the stars. Just one big ass free-for-all of free will, and the thoughts and ideas that attract the most minds and which create the highest vibrations, prevail.

And that, my friends, is why love always wins, every single time. Because the thread that strings us all together is a moral compass for which love is North, and we always return to facing North, to love. Always. That’s how vibrating beings work. Your energetic being is forever trying to vibrate higher and the result of you allowing that to be the case is love, the feel-good. The higher you vibe, the better you feel, and the more you are inclined towards goodness and simplicity.

We Know (capital for a Knowing beyond the limitations of the mind) right from wrong, as much as we like to act like we need someone else to tell us, we Know. We even hold our own check and balance sheet, pass our own self-judgements and Know when we’ve veered off course. Even if one’s mind can rationalize a wrong doing, somewhere, deep down, we Know otherwise. Per our inherent compass, we hold ourselves accountable for the life we lead. Sure, give your worries to “God” and free will is paramount and right and wrong are subjective, but really, wrong is wrong is wrong. You know it and I know it and if people came out their denial-hiding, they’d agree on what’s right and wrong 9 times out of 10.

Denial is too real and entirely too strong and out of it we have borne an entirely too large part of our human existence. Religion. Environmental issues. Education systems. Marriage. Western Medicine. Popular culture. So many infrastructures catering to and stroking the ego of our denial. As if there might actually be a question about whether men and women are equal, or people of differing skin colors. Or if climate change is not a very real situation. Or if you ought to be allowed to spend your life with someone of the same sex or with whoever you want, for that matter. Or whether teaching from biased, antiquated texts ought to be more important that those being taught having social skills, healthy coping mechanisms, or be able to keep up with said outdated texts if not sedated on medication.

Are we serious? Medication for children? Attention-deficit? Whaaaaa? So ridiculous. So absolutely ridiculous. The parameters we put on ourselves and others so that we can stay stuffed in our box of “normalcy”. News flash, normal is a fable! The normal warning label reads, “Warning, normal is a box that, when stuffed into, leads to suffocation and deterioration of one’s Soul.” Out here with a pillow over the face of evolution just so that we can remain comfortable.

Damn it humans! Just damn it. Learn how to change. Evolve. Adapt. The zombie apocalypse is upon us and it is us! We are the zombies, the robots, trying to hold on to infrastructures built upon a bunch of dead horses. The reroute starts within, with us. Less intellect, more intuition. Less rigidity, more creativity. Less abrasiveness, more femininity. That’s what we need. You can pretty much rationalize anything, but there’s no denying a feeling, the cry of one’s intuition. That which is forever trying to return you to facing North. Keep your intellectual bullshit and show me the love. Show me the Soul. Show me where the heart lives. That’s how we should be constructing life as we know it, via the very pitter-patter of each of our hearts, the strings that pull us this way and that way towards all of our highest good.

From my perspective, it is exactly the feminine intuition and viewpoint that could pretty easily redirect this ship. It’s femininity that this world is starving for, and that which we’ve squandered along the way. If only we’d give it a little more credit. Empathy, compassion, delicacy, intimacy, intuition, and grace. Femininity was suffocated somewhere between the fall of the Roman Empire and the discovery of twerking, and the results have been, well, dismal.

Am I the only one that hears her cry?

With Love, Solé

The Unimaginable

What began a few years ago as a quest for happiness, has slowly evolved into an inward motion towards fundamental contentment, a Soul search, if you will. What I’ve come to know is that the happiness and joy we’re all forever seeking hasn’t the slightest bit to do with the scenery, and has everything to do with your means of traveling. Life will be difficult, uncertainties will arise, plans will falter, and the only thing that will matter and remain, when it’s all said and done, is the love you leave behind and the constancy with which you chose to act in the name of the greatest good.

This life, this world, it’s so much larger than we have yet to comprehend, so much more expansive and inclusive than popular culture would have you know. We’re all connected by the fundamental Oneness that can only truly be accessed when you lay down the mind and tune into the being. Meditation will get you there and mindfulness will keep you humble and practicing in your day to day endeavors. The deeper you go, the more you come to realize the ineffable nature of the human being and the potential that exists for life to be so, so much better than what we now know.

Believe in the unimaginable, and with every breath, with every heart beat, you will create it.

With Love, Solé

Good Energy

“Your energy lights up the room,” says the coffee shop guy just now. And I would hope so, because I’ve put so much time and effort into feeling good from the inside out that I have essentially made it my career. I mean I am, after all, a Healer.

My aliveness brings those around me to life. I love that so, so much. In no way is it because I am the most beautiful woman on earth, I’m certainly no Beyoncé, but I’m me and I’m feelin’ good. I have fine-tuned the hum of my vibration and carved my way into the highly-acclaimed good energy field. We all exude it, energy, and are forever contributing to the energy of the space we occupy (and well beyond), but the question is, are you aware of your presence or is it simply a byproduct of your mind-made reality show.

The deal is, this world needs its feel-good back. We’ve been so conditioned to be like *insert name of most famous celebrity* that we stifle and starve our own unique goodness in our pursuit to be like someone else. We spend so much time altering and falsifying our external appearance with makeup, cool clothes, expensive sunglasses, diamond earrings, money, houses, cars, etc, that all of those things only end up ornamenting an otherwise bland and barren tree. Not to mention the fact that none of which bring any sort of sustainable happiness.

Happiness is a vibe. Period. Sure, it can be externally ignited by things like winning the lottery, buying a BMW, or falling in love, but none of those things sustain a high vibe, a happy foundation. They’re simply the first hit of an otherwise dismal drug. Also known as Externalism. Except that I may have just made that up. If I were to define it, it would be the false belief that factors that exist outside of oneself can serve as the vehicle towards sustainable happiness. No sir. Not the case. “I wish everyone could become rich and famous and could have everything they ever dreamed of so they know it’s not the answer.” Exactly, Jim Carey, exactly.

The answer is within. And by that I mean the being, beyond the mind and into the feel. And the magic carpet is meditation. Meditation is the game-changer. I hate ever saying that there is only one way to get anywhere or do anything, but meditation truly is the most promising, enjoyable, accessible method to controlling one’s mind, and diving into the depths of the feel-good. Believe me, I’ve searched high and low for answers and it always comes back to meditation, every single time. Chanting is wonderful. Eating a plant-based diet has served me well. Drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep and treating yourself as a commodity are great and important. But meditation? Meditation should rule the nation. Meditation over everything. I’d much rather be broke with a Nika-vibe, than be filthy rich Nicki Minaj, any lifetime. Being the head Barbie in charge sounds … painful.

And Barbie, really? Of all dolls you choose Barbie to model after? Not Polly Pocket, not a Cabbage patch kid, not even Sailor Moon? Barbie! Barbie and all of her false components. In no way, shape, or form is Barbie real, and in no way can one try and mold herself to become Barbie that isn’t going to be mostly detrimental to her Soulfulness. Barbie is exactly what’s wrong with the world, in my book.

Damn, I’m angry at Barbie. Who knew. But really though, there is no celebrity, doll, parent, friend, therapist, Astrologer, or psychic who is going to be able to assist you in becoming the grandest expression of yourself, more-so than you. You waking up to and accepting yourself. You’re all you’ve got! Plus, you’re stuck with you, which frankly, should be a good thing. If it’s not, you might want to get to the bottom of that.

You’re a star, literally, made of stardust. A real-life, human-formed star. Would you want to look up in to the whimsical, mysterious night sky and see a partially-formed star? One with expensive sunglasses and a Louis bag? Hell no. What a sad, sad star that would be. And you damn sure don’t want to look up and see a Barbie Star. Ick.

Just shine! As brightly and brilliantly as you possibly can, the little engine that could-style. Follow the things that give you chills, learn to communicate with your intuition, and for goodness sake, meditate! Sit your ass down and chill. You got this, I promise.

We’re gonna turn this world around, we have to, but it’s gonna take the village. Each and every person waking up to and making better themselves. Every day, a little bolder and a little better.

With Love, Solé


You ever just tree-watch? Perhaps not because it’s not as exciting as people watching. But then again, if you watch with your being, it really is. How eloquently they stand, no matter the changing weather or the temperature. Regardless of the trash that’s thrown at their base or the weeds that grow atop their roots. Despite the unpredictable conditions or the uncertainty of the natural world. So deeply rooted in their fundamental nature that they are unbreakable, adding their unique and necessary brilliance to the atmosphere without hassle. They’re even known to dance in the wind or to smile at the pouring rain. Always at ease, forever at attention, no matter.

I suppose we could all be a little bit more like the trees. Or, a lot. A lot less concerned. A lot less moved. A lot less pressed and unsure and insecure. None of that stuff matters, anyways, the mind stuff. It’s all one’s own reality show. Let the trees tell it, and all is well, always, all ways. They’re outlined and filled with love, and that is the beginning, middle, and end.

If only humans were of no mind, we’d say the same, surely. You think there are Kardashian trees? You think trees are in the market for Louis Vuitton moss coverings? You think trees are looking over at their neighborly trees, hating on them because they’ve got different color leaves or a bigger trunk (even thought that just means they’re secretly jealous)? Think they cling tightly to memories of unbroken branches or less-aged bark? Hell no. To all of those questions, hell no. Trees don’t care, they don’t mind, that’s the difference. Humans mind, trees don’t. They just be.  Not trying to take all the air and leave others without, or soak up all the water and leave the other trees starving. No, only and always just enough. In perfect alignment with the world around them. Just out here doing their part, playing their role. The trees know what’s up.

Nature is the real bible. It doesn’t preach, doesn’t promote hypocrisy or request that you adhere to strict guidelines, it just is. Shows the way by way of its own inescapable nature. Trees, flowers, the wind, grass, it all simply co-exists, and perfectly so. No judgement, comparison, or questions asked. Simple, Divine perfection and cohesiveness. Take note.

With Love, Solé

It’s bigger than you

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, about discerning between wants and needs, and getting down to the core of any strong desires. He said, for example, that he woke up the other day and had a strong desire to go to Best Buy and buy a new computer, despite him not needing one. He then went on to say that he attempted to get to the root of that (expensive) desire, and came to the conclusion that perhaps a new computer mouse would suffice his apparent need for retail therapy. Ultimately, though, that he quieted the need altogether and didn’t end up going at all.

This conversation got me to thinking. What if his desire to go was founded on the fact that he was simply supposed to go to Best Buy on that very day, for any reason unbeknownst to him? I mean, think about it. How often do you go here or there and end up coming away with something much more significant than that which you opted to go for in the first place? And by significant I mean maybe an experience, a new friend, a life-changing conversation, etc. Perhaps you go to Best Buy because your mind has overindulged itself into thinking you need a new computer, when in reality it is the very conversation you have with the Computer whiz that quenches your need to have been there in the first place; that the source of your wanting to go was the Universe using you as a key player for the day. Maybe the computer whiz needed your conversation, too. Or maybe you’re in the parking lot at the exact time that someone’s cart has run away from them and, had you not been there in that very moment, would have crashed and burned into something more serious.

On a larger scale, perhaps you don’t get anything out of the trip, but leave feeling satisfied, nonetheless, and perhaps what you don’t see is the benefit to those around you in your having been there. I, for example, look for out-of-state license plates and when I see one, look the number up in my Angel Numbers book to see what delightful message the Universe has for me in that moment. So maybe, there is a she-who-looks-up-license-plates who pulls into the parking lot behind you, and it is your very license plate numbers that bring her a much needed message for the day. You’d never know, of course, but you have just changed the trajectory of her day.

The idea behind this being that one’s own wants and desires are founded upon a much larger order than we have yet to realize. Did Ryan need a new computer on that day? Not at all. But for one reason or another, the little voice inside of him was saying, “Go to Best Buy today.” And then, as it loves to do, the mind kicks in with its tendency towards over-indulgence and says, “Yea, buy a new computer!” When in all reality, perhaps you don’t even need to go inside at all to satisfy the little need to be in the parking lot that day. And perhaps you will never know what that little voice was all about, as you walk out of Best Buy empty-handed, or leave the parking lot without going in at all, feeling like you’ve just done something meaningful with your day.

All that to say, this life is bigger than just you. Even your very own wants and desires are often fueled by the force that is trying to facilitate cohesiveness in the world around you. The gravity otherwise known as consciousness or “God”. The gentle tugs left and right that might actually have nothing to do with you except that the Universe needs you to use you for a higher good.

The other day, I was feeling a bit … sorry for myself, on my way home from a talk I had attended. While driving home, I opened my heart to the Universe for answers. “What is all of this about and why am I here and is this ever going to make any kind of sense?” I wondered. Tears streaming down my face. Then, in front of me pulls a Louisiana license plate. Not only was it out-of-state, but I have a particular draw to Louisiana as my Maternal family resides there. The license plate was number 57. Angel Book 57 I go, “The changes you are experiencing are for the best. Trust these changes to lead you where you want to go. Fear not.” A sigh of relief.

Now, whatever series of events that occurred leading up to that very car having been in front of me in that very moment, that which brought a Louisiana license plate to Seattle to be in that particular place on that very evening, I will never know. Nor will the driver of said car ever have any idea how much satisfaction she provided me in just having been where she was in that very moment, but her having been there eased my troubled Soul.

How absolutely extraordinary, how intricately and divinely interconnected we all are. How we are forever being used as an instrument of a force much larger, that is forever trying to uplift us and bring us together, braiding and weaving us into one others’ stories, in a scheme much grander than the mind can possibly comprehend.

Follow Its lead. Listen when your heart speaks. Believe in Its guidance, timing, and direction. Stop trying to understand It and simply allow It to be more splendid and immaculate than the mind could possibly wrap itself around. It’s better that way. Besides, if there’s one thing I’ve learned along this path, it’s that the truth, the fundamental basis of all things, is not to be understood, it’s to be felt. Feel It.

With Love, Solé

Side effects of Ascension

Side effects of ascension include solitude, glee, non-attachment, wondering if you might actually be an alien, and a general not giving a damn about most of the things that humans in our society care about. Money, stuff, all-things-materialism, indulgences, the “news”, makeup, Burger King, etc. The nonsense is one of the first layers that gets shed. It’s a good one, a necessary one, but as with all layers can be challenging and leaves you with a bit of a … hole. Mostly because, when you take away all of the superficial things, that with which you’re left is that which we have yet to pinpoint or have the language to discuss. The Space we have yet the context to define. Not that It needs to be defined, because It is utterly perfect and Divine just as It is, but when it’s just you in that Space, you sometimes end up feeling a bit alone. Longing for something that surpasses context and comprehension. You. Gravity. Air. Vibration. Energy. Everything else is a fable.

These clothes, these shoes, your family ties, fried chicken, the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and why we matter, it’s all for show. This little existence is simply a blink in the eye of the Infinite. A speck of sand on the unending beach of the Eternal. It is and it isn’t and it matters and it doesn’t and it never ends and can’t begin and is indistinguishable as far as the big picture. God, the Unnameable, the Universe, whatever you want to call It, creating Itself and working through Itself (You) to create more. Change. Evolution. Co-creation. Expansion. Ascension.

You, one of the many little ants on the anthill of life, get to enjoy the benefits of being insignificantly significant. Which is to say that while everything matters, nothing matters. And it’s never, ever, ever that serious. Once you come to that realization, truly, madly, deeply, congratulations, you are on the journey of ascension. Leave your seat belt at home (especially if it’s Gucci), kick back, and enjoy the ride; Your ride. It’s just you here. Well, you and 7 billion others.

With Love, Solé

Internal Detective

We all have so much more power than we have yet to realize. So much. I mean honestly, who knows what the Human mind-body-Soul Trilogy has the capacity to do? We certainly don’t. Perhaps we have the capacity to fly? Maybe we can make ourselves invisible? Heal ourselves and others? Hell, we already know of a guy who walked on water. Is he the only one that can? Doubt it. Although I tried once and it didn’t work out as well.

The point being, why are we creating life so madly and adamantly out there, when there’s an entire world waiting to be unlocked in here? We know everything there is to know about vacuum cleaners, hair color, literature, cars, cash, and hoez, but we hardly know the first thing about this little earthlander that we tote around from the mall to the grocery store. Have only, thus far, gotten really good at denying, poisoning, overworking, and over-indulging it. We look to someone else to help fix it when there’s a problem (that most often we’ve created and then facilitated), and haven’t even scratched the surface on knowing how to appropriately love and nurture it, or even what that looks like. That’s what other people, the “specialists”, are for, right? Wrong.

We’re magical little bean sprouts. We’ve created the world as we know it and we have every capacity to fix it. It starts with people unplugging from the world out there and becoming existential detectives for their own little co-occurring fairy-tale in here. It’s magic. Truly magic. Well, maybe not, because I’m sure that one day we’ll have a perfectly scientific explanation as to how we can heal ourselves and others, and how we are light-filled beings emanating and radiating our way towards our highest selves, but for today, it’s magic. The world inside is the secret. It’s the mark we’ve missed, the stone we’ve yet to overturn, and the very core of life’s feel-good. It’s so incredible! I spend so much time in my little Nika-world that my father thinks I’m depressed and my housemates think I’m sneaky and somewhat off my rocker. But nope, neither of those things. Quite the contrary, in fact. I look so very much forward to hopping my happy ass on to my meditation throne and vibin’ my way into my serenity space that I’d much rather be doing that than, well … anything. My Soulitude.

There’s a world that opens up to you when you go deep within. It’s not a world of unicorns or angels, not something that is outside of the self, well, for me anyways. It’s a world of light. Your light. The light that fills the universe with wonder and serenity. It encompasses your body with bliss and transcends ailment, illness, and low vibration into … ecstasy. It takes a while, of course, to get down to the real feel-good, but you’ll get there. Add a little fearlessness and you’ll get there.

I personally had to first break through all of the conditioning, negative thinking, illusion, and many other barriers that lived in my body and crowded my Soul. Had to rewire my brain to be the observer rather than the controller, trained it to be still, quiet, and receptive, which in and of itself was hard enough. Not to mention surrendering to, crying out, and setting free all relationships, attachments, blockages, and character traits that dampened my light and hindered my spirit. But through all of that, all of the pain and the chaos and struggle and unknown and deep-seeded alone-ness, worth it doesn’t even begin to describe where I’ve now found myself. Through all of that, I have brought to life my Light. And now? Now is when the going gets good. Now I can be whoever my vibe blossoms out, because frankly it doesn’t matter what you do in the world out there or who you “make of yourself.” What matters, when this bean sprout is laid to rest, is that you allowed the extraordinary, ineffable, eternal light within to shine freely, vibrantly, and as uniquely as possible. What matters is that on the day you take your final breath, you are no further from the All than the day on which you took your first.

With love, Solé

Let it flow

Life is forever trying to slow you down to its speed and return you to the present moment, yet we love to be anywhere but here. By we I mean the mind, the ego. We’ve been taught and conditioned to be everywhere but here, if even just in a daydream. You’re lazy if you’re just … being. You should at least be planning, preparing, thinking things through, something! What kind of bum just be’s (not even a real word, go figure)?

Well for one, I do. I spend a LOT of time being. “What do you do all day?” I be! Blank stare. I hate to plan, try with all my might to stay distraction-free (as I check my cell phone), and as often as possible bring myself back to the here and now, the only place you can ever actually be that’s not make-believe. Everything else is a figment of your imagination, a creation (distortion) of the mind. But it’s not easy to un-mind, certainly not easy, not while trying to navigate a distraction-filled, material world.

Lucky for us, there’s still plenty of opportunity for us to come back, to return to Center. It’s simply a matter of getting out of one’s own way; out of the mind and into the feel. Slowing down. Allowing. It happens pretty organically if you let it, once you stop clenching so tightly to the chatter of the mind. Put your cell phone down. Come out from behind the lens. Relax. Breathe. Be here now. Fully inhabit this moment. Pour your vibe into the world around you.

The deal is, it’s gonna be ok. Whatever it is that you’re thinking about, worrying about, wondering about, trying to plan for, it’s gonna be fine! It is within its organic nature to be perfect, just as it already is. The less you obsess and dwell over it, the more efficiently it can run its course in the manner that is most beneficial to all. It might hurt, it might be sad, it might not feel “good” right now, but let it unwind a bit. Life is constantly trying to return you to the feel good and it knows how to get there, way better than your mind can expect, so long as you take the course that it’s paving for you, the path of least resistance. Follow the Love-brick road.

It’s life’s only habit to return to love, to feelin’ good. That’s all it knows how to do; To seek out the highest vibration. Of course, you must sometimes first traverse the muck to rise again, but rise you will, just as soon as you surrender. Remember, the muck is part of the process. It doesn’t get enough credit as far as I’m concerned. There’s a lot to be found in the muck, a lot to be said about its shittiness. A plethora of lessons that don’t come as clearly when the sailin’ is smooth. The contrast that reminds you how good the good is.

And in all actuality, it’s never really that serious anyways, nothing is. Not a broken bone, not the loss of a job, not a heartbreak, not how are you going to pay that bill, not even death! You are, after all, immortal. Maybe not the current earthlander that you’re flailing around, but the light, the ball of stardust that inhabits said earthlander, it’s not going anywhere, ever. It defines forever, the eternal, and all it wants to do is vibe. Elevate. Ascend. Evolve. It is the force that is forever steering you towards love because it is love. It is the highest vibration. It is the internal compass that will never let you “fail” (and I say “fail” because failure is only of the imagination). It is the You that transcends space and time. The You that connects this current humanly inhabitant to all that is, was, and will be. It just wants to be known by you. It just wants to shine. So set it free. Let it vibe. What else could you possibly have to do?

Live. Love. Illuminate.

With love, Solé